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9265 kHz, 0500 - 0159

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  A Look At The Book           Wed-07:00P

  A Look At The Book - Spanish -           Wed-04:00P

  A Mom. of Insp. Bd. with Dr. Ty Dixon           Thu-05:15P,  Sat-04:15P

  Apostolic Assembly           Mon-04:00P

  Back to Calvary           Fri-09:00P

  Bible Telling           Mon-08:58P,  Tue-08:58P,  Wed-08:58P,  Thu-08:58P,  Fri-08:58P

  Bishop S. C. Johnson           Tue-04:00P

  Bread of Life Victory Church           Sun-07:45P

  Brother James/Missionary Broadcast           Sun-07:30P,  Sat-03:30P

  Call to Worship           Sun-07:00P,  Thu-04:30P

  Campbell Ministries           Sun-12:45P

  Church of the Lord Jesus Christ           Sun-05:30P,  Sun-09:00P,  Mon-09:30P

  Day of Decision (English)           Mon-07:00P

  Day of Decision (Spanish)           Mon-06:30P

  Disciples of Christ Full Gospel Church           Sun-01:00P

  Faith In Yahweh Broadcast           Mon-10:00P

  Faithers In Jesus The Christ           Sun-08:00A,  Sun-08:30P

  Faithful Teaching           Sat-03:45P

  FKB Radio Sermon Time           Sat-09:00P

  For Whom The Bells Toll           Sun-12:00N

  Frank and Ernest           Mon-07:45P,  Wed-07:45P,  Sat-01:15P

  Global Evangelistic Ministries Inc.           Sun-04:00P,  Sat-01:30P

  Gospel Distribution           Wed-06:30P,  Sat-02:30P

  Graceful Tidings           Sat-05:00P

  Heavenly Sunshine Broadcast           Sun-02:00P,  Wed-09:00P,  Sat-06:30P

  Jesus Is The Answer           Sun-10:30A,  Sun-02:30P,  Tue-10:00P,  Sat-02:15P

  Kroeze Bros. Outreach           Thu-09:30P,  Sat-12:30P

  Living the Bible           Sat-11:30A,  Sat-05:30P

  Meat In Due Season           Thu-04:00P,  Sat-10:30A

  Mike's Vintage Gospel           Fri-07:30P,  Sat-04:00P

  Moment of Truth           Sun-08:30A,  Sun-09:30P,  Sat-10:00A

  My Beloved           Sun-03:00P

  Old Fashion Gospel Hour           Sun-06:30P

  Old Fashioned Missionary Baptist Ch.           Sun-09:15A,  Sat-06:15P

  Reality In Jesus-James McCoy           Thu-10:00P,  Fri-10:00P,  Sat-10:00P

  Restoration of Faith           Sun-03:30P,  Sat-11:00A

  Save America - Viewpoint           Mon-08:00P,  Tue-08:00P,  Wed-08:00P,  Thu-08:00P,  Fri-08:00P

  Shortwave Radiogram           Thu-07:30P,  Fri-10:30P

  Sign Off 9265           Sun-01:57A,  Mon-01:57A,  Tue-01:57A,  Wed-01:57A,  Thu-01:57A
       Fri-01:57A,  Sat-01:57A

  Sign On 9265           Mon-12:00N,  Tue-12:00N,  Wed-12:00N,  Thu-12:00N,  Fri-12:00N

  Soul-n-Spired           Sat-10:30P

  Templo Trinidad Presenta Jesucristo           Sun-11:00A,  Wed-05:00P

  The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry           Sun-09:30A

  The Bread Of Life Bible Inst.           Sun-09:00A,  Mon-07:30P

  The Essentials of Life and Wellness           Sun-06:00P,  Tue-06:30P,  Sat-03:00P

  The Goodnews Broadcast           Sun-08:00P

  The Overcomer           Sun-00:02A,  Sun-01:00A,  Sun-05:00A,  Sun-06:00A,  Sun-10:00P
       Mon-00:02A,  Mon-01:00A,  Mon-12:02P,  Mon-01:00P,  Mon-02:00P
       Mon-05:00P,  Tue-00:02A,  Tue-01:00A,  Tue-12:02P,  Tue-01:00P
       Tue-02:00P,  Tue-05:00P,  Tue-09:00P,  Wed-00:02A,  Wed-01:00A
       Wed-12:02P,  Wed-01:00P,  Wed-02:00P,  Wed-10:00P,  Thu-00:02A
       Thu-01:00A,  Thu-12:02P,  Thu-01:00P,  Thu-02:00P,  Thu-06:00P
       Fri-00:02A,  Fri-01:00A,  Fri-12:02P,  Fri-01:00P,  Fri-02:00P
       Fri-06:00P,  Sat-00:02A,  Sat-01:00A,  Sat-05:00A,  Sat-06:00A
       Sat-07:00A,  Sat-08:00A,  Sat-09:00A,  Sat-07:00P

  The Way of Truth Broadcast           Fri-09:30P,  Sat-09:30P

  The Way to A Wonderful Life           Sun-10:00A,  Sat-08:00P

  Unity Baptist Church           Sun-05:00P

  Unseen Hand Ministries           Sun-10:45A,  Sat-06:00P

  Voice of the Rock           Wed-05:30P,  Thu-05:30P

  Walking In Power           Sat-12:00N

  Walking In Simplicity           Tue-07:00P,  Sat-04:30P

  Wells of Salvation           Wed-04:30P

  Wells of Salvation 2           Sun-11:30A

  WINB AM Off Air DRM On           Sun-02:00A,  Mon-02:00A,  Tue-02:00A,  Wed-02:00A,  Thu-02:00A
       Fri-02:00A,  Sat-02:00A

  Words of Life - Back to the Bible           Sun-01:30P,  Fri-05:30P

  Worship At home           Sun-07:00A,  Sun-11:00P,  Mon-03:00P,  Mon-11:00P,  Tue-03:00P
       Tue-11:00P,  Wed-03:00P,  Wed-11:00P,  Thu-03:00P,  Thu-11:00P
       Fri-03:00P,  Fri-11:00P

  You Have A Decision To Make           Wed-07:30P

   (Days and times are Eastern Zone Time)

    Effective November 7, 2021     Prepared November - 7 - 2021 SAS