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  God's Mighty Word

Welcome to God's Mighty Word Radio Broadcast! Our purpose is to teach Believers how to enter the presence of God and to grow in your relationship with Him. Imagine a Christian life, where it seems like the things of God come alive fresh every day. Wherever you go, you sense that He is there with you. There is an ever present fountain of joy that seems to just bubble up from inside you. There is a deep peace that guards your heart day and night.

It is almost unexplainable, but you just know that God is real, that you are investing your life in something eternal. It is almost like the sky looks bluer, the grass looks greener and that serving God is the most exciting thing in your life.

This is the purpose of God's Mighty Word, to teach you the Bible keys as to how God will become more real to you and how His promises can come to pass in your life. You can visit us on-line at - and you can download or listen online to many teachings that will help you experience God becoming more real in your life each day. Or, check out our Help for Today Blog which has very practical ways the Holy Spirit will help you grow in your Christian Walk.



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